Friday, November 12, 2010

Kin Phones Making a Comeback Without Data Plans?

"Verizon told Engadget that "data-centric features like the Loop 'are out,'" but that the $15-per-month, all-you-can-eat Zune Pass music service offered by Microsoft will work with the phones over a Wi-Fi connection. So it appears that the emphasis will be on text-messaging, mostly, with some web-connected features like Zune Pass and (hopefully) the web browser remaining intact for use over Wi-Fi or perhaps an optional data plan."

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Microsoft Altered Windows Sales Numbers

Internal bookkeeping change handed $259 million in additional revenue to Redmond's OS unit.

Microsoft's most recent Windows sales totals got a boost from the fact the company quietly added revenues it previously assigned to other groups to its operating systems unit, a bit of accounting legerdemain that, along with other bookkeeping moves, helped the Windows group post big gains in the past quarter, according to an InformationWeek analysis of the software maker's SEC filings.

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Apple’s OS X update is 42 percent fixes for Adobe Flash

There’s an anti-Flash backlash beginning, and it isn’t about Apple, it isn’t about Adobe (ADBE), it isn’t about HTML5, it isn’t about anything but buggy software, lousy performance and broken promises.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Walking Dead: Macintosh SE/30 Brought Back to Life

Its a ├╝ber Hackers delight. Using a Seagate Dockstar, some USB 2.0 ports, 128MB of RAM, and a small Linux server running a 1.2GHz ARM processor, YouTube user Spritetm has brought a Mac SE/30 back to life as a file server!