Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Apple Is Considering Licensing AirPlay Software To TV Makers

Potential iMac Update to Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt in 4-6 Weeks?

"In a series of Tweets (via, CNET's Brian Tong claims to have received word from a reliable source that new iMacs should debut in late April or early May. The updated iMacs are said to feature Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt as expected, but no major cosmetic changes are reported to be included.
- EXCLUSIVE: My Sources: New iMacs en route by ocean to U.S. available end of April or 1st week of May. No major cosmetic changes.

- My sources say New iMacs will feature Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt. No other specifics.

- We'll see if this pans out, but I'm highly confident in my source. If you're looking for a new iMac. WAIT FOR IT!"

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Chinese Google Wants To Build Chinese Android

Watch Out Cisco, SalesCrunch Is Coming After Your Multi Billion Dollar WebEx Business

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Critical Flash flaw won't be fixed until next week

Adobe warns of a 'critical vulnerability' in its Flash Player that could cause crashes or allow attackers to take control of PCs or mobile devices. Read this blog post by Don Reisinger on The Digital Home.
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The Real Reason Why Flash On Tablets Hasn't Happened Yet